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Smood & Batmaid - Sebastian Cibu

Smood & Batmaid

When the two number one home delivery and cleaning companies join forces to create a commercial, it’s one of the biggest projects we’ve ever done.
We were asked to produce a commercial featuring Switzerland’s number one housekeeper: Batmaid; and Switzerland’s number one delivery company: Smood.

The objective of this spot was to support an online contest to win vouchers worth CHF 1’000, split between Smood and Batmaid. With an increase of more than 35% in the number of followers of both entities in two weeks and more than 1400 comments on the post, this campaign was not only fun to do but also a real success.


Sebastian Cibu

Script & Direction

Joséphine Rerolle

First Assistant

Claudio Artieda


Laurence Sallaz


Anthony Vuignier, Pauline, Thierry Maillot, Isabelle Loubat


Sebastian Cibu