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HUG - Sebastian Cibu

HUG – Hopitaux Universitaire de Genève CoronApp-HUG

The University Hospitals of Geneva group together several public hospitals and clinics and have more than 12,000 employees. The HUG is not only a local hospital for the city of Geneva, but also the reference hospital for the rest of the canton and the reference hospital for the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

A team of researchers from the HUG has developed @choum which is an epidemiological surveillance tool used in a follow-up study of the COVID-19 pandemic. Its objective is to detect the first clusters of COVID-19 thanks to the participation of citizens.

Our mission was to communicate on this new tool, mainly aimed at young people, by bringing a bit of freshness, without being moralizing, while sending a clear message with a precise call to action.


Sebastian Cibu

Script & Direction

Sebastian Cibu & Eda Nihan Algan


Jonathan Scyboz

First assistant

Claudio Artieda


Loris Poussin

Assistant Cam

Sebastian Cibu


Olha Korzhynska


Ivan Larson, Jonathan Scyboz, Wilson, Tamara, Ruby